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an online chat transcript between dr pepper and an unkown acquaintance, mid-summer 1999

By dusty (May 6, 2008)

DR PEPPER: haha ya i hate aol

psalty69: me2

psalty69: y dont u have a period btw?

DR PEPPER: because im a man

DR PEPPER: i dont have ovaries

DR PEPPER: get it?

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It's like: ttylkthxbye

an imaginary conversation between a cough (named samuel) and a cough suppressant (honey-lemon flavored)

By dusty (April 23, 2008)

the cough: ahem!!

the cough: achoo! achoo :(

cough suppressant: shhh

the cough: ahem!! achoo



cough suppressant: dude. stfu. srsly.

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It's like: hysterical history, the art of seduction, ttylkthxbye

an online chat transcript between amelia earhart and an unknown friend, July 2, 1937

By dusty (March 7, 2008)

AIR<3: LOL, yes i love telegrams too.

~~~*cherrypickins*~~~: haha. you should come over!

AIR<3: brb



~~~*cherrypickins*~~~: hello ??

~~~*cherrypickins*~~~: umm wtf

conversation window closed

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